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Space Planning

With the team at The Painted View, we begin here at space planning. It is a layout of furnishings and decoration in an area or several areas based on it's intended use. This is where structural elements and your goals meet at the most basic level. We use many tools to maximize the possibilities of your home and because function is imperative, it becomes important to get to know you and your lifestyle. Things like your personal habits, interests, and hobbies reveal your priorities and tell us how your home. We then create workable solution to alleviate your challenges. Contact us to schedule your consultation at 954-599-7937.

The dimensions and architectural features are often fixed but sometimes need modification. Depending on your budget and your desired out come, a wall or floor plan can be opened up, eliminated or an addition is required to achieved the objective. Now more than ever, you are in for the majority of your days and you may have noticed that the current organization is not optimal. A well executed layout makes the most of your area(s) potential and addresses your most pressing issues. Presently there is a enormous call for home offices. Maybe you already work from home but have inherited a new companion...Suddenly this under-served space has to accommodate more than one person or require equipment or storage modifications. Recently we transformed a guest room into a home office for two. The husband and wife had diverse careers each requiring certain technical support. The solution was a partner desk with appropriate task lighting and converting the closet to house essential apparatus and office supplies. We were able to install additional electric meeting the increased capacity with room to add limited comfortable seating. The new arrangement is working well and keeping them both productive. See photocool home office for two

Since we are planning your space, we have to draft a program that serves form and function. Say for instance you are an enthusiastic cook and you have an open floor plan (which is very popular right now) your priorities are likely a beautiful area with access to frequently used items, stretches storage capacity and incorporates appropriate task lighting for your work areas. On the other hand there are those of you who don't or rarely cook at all, because of the lack of time or interest. You are accustom to bringing in take out and or dining out. Maybe you are most comfortable take dinner in front of the television or at a counter. The space plan for your kitchen and dining area will be different because it must preform according to your standards. The map of how best to layout of the furnishings and decor is always going to be the one that suits you.

Ok we have form and function but we have to dive deeper to accommodate your household. Whatever your passion great space planning must reflect your style of living. It's fairly obvious when you walk in to home if there's a child in residence but not always how many children, if there are pets, how many and what species. For example if you have a large family or entertain frequently you will need more seating or at least the flexibility to accommodate additional seating. If you are big time into fishing, you want easy access and safe storage for your expensive rods and other paraphernalia. Are you an avid art collector? In all probability you want to display your treasures in their best light. As a musician you require an area to practice and consideration for your instrument(s). Serious wine enthusiasts depend upon a controlled environment in order to preserve the quality of your valuables.

Not long ago, we worked on a townhouse with a couple in Miami. They didn't have a lot of space but wanted to make the most if their smaller living room. She had an 8' chandelier and art pieces she had purchased. He had very high end audio and visual equipment with specified installation standards. They entertain frequently and did not want to feel crowded requiring expanded seating for guests. We arranged a layout that show cased her pieces, included furnishing for seating with a contemporary custom wall unit to display and organize his equipment without diminishing the sound quality. The results delighted the clients.

Space planning are the first steps for creating designs for all new builds and/or renovations. Truly successful space planning is one that supports your life choices and enhances your home. Contact us for your custom space plan at 954-599-7937.