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Color Consultation

The Painted View uses color consultation in all designs, redesign and renovations as way to keep your home from looking dated. As a stand alone service it is a bit more complex than most people realize. There is an entire psychology behind colors and how they affect your mind and body. The eye's perception of colors including neutrals, changes our brain chemistry and releases a hormone effecting clarity, pulse, blood flow, energy level and anxiety. Like smells, memories influence our reaction to certain colors. Your preferences impact the success of your design because color speaks to you. This applies to the lack of color too. You are familiar with the expressions red hot and cool as a cucumber, it's the language of color

Frequently you see a color that you like and think maybe it will look great in my home. Sometimes it's a perfect fit but not always. Natural and artificial light has a profound a impact on color perception. If it doesn't work well it could be a few things. The lighting or lack of it is off. Possibly the shade or intensity isn't quite right. Consider this, If your room orientation is north you don't have much natural light and your color consultation is going to be very different to someone with same exact house that is facing west getting the afternoon and sunset. Perhaps you have lots of windows compared to a room with few or none.

It is odd what we tell ourselves about color. As an example, a client said she liked color yet everything she was drawn to was white or very neutral. After spending a short time with her, it became clear her predisposition was for colors found in nature. She later revealed too much color agitated her. By layering her designs, using different textures with whites, neutrals with natures' pallet, she enjoys the luxurious finish that looks and feels just right for her.

Colors trend. This is most noticeable in fabrics goods like upholstery and window treatments but can also apply to things lighting and plumbing. We spent over 15 years pulling out green-gold brass plumbing fixtures and installing stainless steel and chrome in kitchens and bathrooms. The current market is full of various shades gold fixtures. Yellow golds, pink golds, bronze golds there are lots of gold options. Copper as well as black have re entered the arena too. Have you noticed the black or bright colored appliances? The possibilities of color are practically infinite. Intensity, saturation, hue, whether is intended to highlight or camouflage the characteristics of color ensure it's application is not a one size fits all.

Accounting for all the variables a color consultation is a good investment, saving time and money while providing you with best options to improve your view. Contact us for your personalized color consultation.