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Kitchen Remodel and Design

It's no surprise that so many people consider their kitchen the heart of the home. Favorite meals, daily snacks, big holiday gatherings, and memorable dinner parties occur in the kitchen. If you're the family chef, the kitchen is where you prepare your greatest masterpieces for everyone to enjoy. Unfortunately, if your kitchen is cramped, poorly designed, or simply outdated, spending time in the kitchen might not be an enjoyable experience. Still, redesigning your kitchen is a monumental job that you might not have the experience to tackle.

If your South Florida kitchen doesn't suit your needs for one reason or another, the experts at The Painted View can help. We learn about your current concerns and complaints. Then we get a firm understanding of what you hope to accomplish to create a kitchen that maximizes style and function in a way that brings your dream kitchen to life. Call (954) 599-7937 to get started on your new kitchen today.


Elements of a Kitchen Remodel

Renovating any room is a considerable task. Still, a kitchen remodel may be the most expansive project in your home. Sure, this means there's a lot of work to be done, but you can leave the work to us. Luckily, it also means that your kitchen remodel can provide a wealth of results. When you consider all the features in your kitchen, there are many opportunities to make changes that make your space more beautiful and functional. Consider these elements when you plan your kitchen renovation.


The space you leave empty in your kitchen is as important as the details you add. Your kitchen is a busy room that must have the circulation your family needs to cook and dine comfortably in the space available. Consider the space you need for your family to cook and eat together without waiting in line to get to the sink or table.


Custom kitchen cabinets provide essential storage and take up considerable space in your kitchen. Whether you love rich, dark wood grains, clean, white cabinets, or modern glass doors, there are a variety of choices to outfit your kitchen with functional cabinets and shelving. Customized hardware choices can pull together a variety of cabinets, drawers, and shelves for a uniform look.


Perhaps the most-used surface in any kitchen, your countertops can be both beautiful and functional. Natural granite, sleek stainless steel, quartz, and even concrete provide an attractive and useful surface that is the focal point of your kitchen. Outfitting your kitchen with gleaming countertops and a single basin sink can provide more prep space and a clean modern appearance.


You may not think your kitchen floor is a big deal, but it can really change the appearance of your kitchen and how easy it is to clean. Gleaming hardwood or patterned tile can provide an attractive floor that's easy to clean and always looks attractive. Your floor follows the general design and pulls your kitchen together.


Whether you choose sleek stainless steel or unique appliances with splashes of color, your appliances provide the function you need and accessorize your kitchen. Sophisticated black or clean white appliances match any modern or contemporary kitchen.

Our Kitchen Design and Remodel Process

Your kitchen renovation is a major job. That's why our streamlined process is designed to create your dream kitchen with maximum style and function while minimizing downtime. Your kitchen is one of the most essential rooms in your home. Our fast turnaround time means you'll be enjoying your new kitchen in no time. Here's what you can expect with a Painted View kitchen remodel.

  • It begins with your dream. We provide you with a detailed questionnaire to allow you to share your goals.
  • We learn about your kitchen objectives. For chefs who serve extravagant dinner parties or cook daily meals for a large family, a kitchen must provide storage for essential tools and supplies and convenient prep spaces within easy reach. Conversely, a family who loves exploring take-out options from the variety of top restaurants in the area will have what they need with major appliances and fewer cabinets. Each kitchen is perfectly functional for the owners who enjoy the space and created with the high-quality, modern materials you love.
  • Your layout comes to life. While you select materials to create the features you love, we bring together a layout that will create the customized space you've been dreaming of.
  • The finishing touches bring your kitchen together. From large details like glossy granite countertops to perfect lighting for your dining space and the finishing hardware on your custom cabinets, attention to detail is a part of every step of your kitchen remodel.

Stress-Free Kitchen Design and Renovation from The Painted View

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and often the center room of your home. Open floor plans make kitchens immediately visible, and you want yours to look amazing. The experts at The Painted View understand the value of your kitchen and the best ways to tackle this major upgrade. We make your kitchen renovation an enjoyable experience that allows you to finally build the kitchen of your dreams without having to lift a finger. Your customized kitchen is designed to fit your unique lifestyle and the appearance that completes your original, beautiful South Florida home.

Instead of telling you what your kitchen needs, our team gets to know you and the way you use your kitchen. We use that knowledge to create a kitchen customized to meet your needs and provide the appearance you've been dreaming of. Whether you have a clear picture of your dream kitchen embedded in your mind, or you need a little inspiration and guidance to help you make up your mind, we can help.

Call us at (954) 599-7937 or send us an email and the experts at The Painted View will get started with a kitchen design that will finally give you the functional kitchen you need with the modern appearance you deserve.

Kitchen After Recent Remodeling Project

Recent Kitchen Remodeling Project

We renovated a transitional style kitchen that was heavily utilized. Not only does it literally occupy the center of the home, it needed to have a bar that provided a segway into the living room and had to incorporate an eat-in niche in the open floor plan. Lighting up the cabinetry above added much need light for a windowless area. By replacing the cabinetry and the refrigerator with white wood it keeps a clean look. Finishing the white with a gorgeous Taj Mahal counter and showcasing the stunning Mother of Pearl back splash, this busy center functions effectively while enhancing our clients home.