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Kitchen Remodel and Design

Designing a kitchen remodel takes planning and coordination to maximize style and function while minimizing the down time. The Painted View designs and builds custom kitchens for you with your priorities regarding function, form and personal aesthetic. The investment in your kitchen gives you the biggest return on your investment in your home.

We start with a detailed questionnaire to ensure we are on point with your goals. All kitchens contain the major elements including appropriate flooring, appliances, plumbing, electric, countertops, back splash, cabinetry and hardware. Attention to detail in planning the layout and kitchen organization is paramount to our success. The quality of the finish product depends it. Sharing material selections and assisting with purchases will guide the timeline. Supervision and scheduling is done in an orderly fashion to reduce the costs and expedite the timeline so you can enjoy your new kitchen quickly.

Getting as much information as we can about your objectives and lifestyle expedites the space planning and design process. If you spend your time experimenting in the kitchen, or entertaining or feeding the neighborhood, you are going to need a real working kitchen for your creations. Storage for your instruments and tools, plus convenient work areas with appropriate lighting are important. Your layout has to be attractive and highly functional. On the other hand, maybe you are a dedicated fan of the local restaurants and prefer skipping the hot stove. You need the major appliances, cabinetry and lighting but don't need all the bells, whistles and gadgets. It will look great and work when necessary.

We renovated a transitional style kitchen that was heavily utilized. Not only does it literally occupy the center of the home, it needed to have a bar that provided a segway into the living room and had to incorporate an eat-in niche in the open floor plan. Lighting up the cabinetry above added much need light for a windowless area. By replacing the cabinetry and the refrigerator with white wood it keeps a clean look. Finishing the white with a gorgeous Taj Mahal counter and showcasing the stunning Mother of Pearl back splash, this busy center functions effectively while enhancing our clients home.

Whatever your personal needs and preferences, there is an amazingly beautiful design waiting for you. Love your view, escape to home.