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Design Services

Design services combines several components including custom space planning, color consultation, budget development, furnishing procurements, timelines, scheduling, and construction. Sounds like a lot and can be daunting if you don't know what your doing. The Painted View has over 20 years experience in residential properties, simplifying and streamlining interior and exterior living spaces. Our professionals expertly guide you through your progress. You avoid costly errors, maximize your spending power and love your lifestyle with your own painted view. Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation 954-599-7937.

With so many style categories to choose from like: contemporary, modern, mid-century modern, urban natural, industrial, transitional, bohemian, coastal, cottage, eclectic and so on, frequently clients will say "I don't have a style" or "I don't know what my style is" or "I know what I don't like" (which is very helpful too). You are overwhelmed by not knowing where to begin or even paralyzed with fear of making a costly mistake. Creating a custom design requires knowledge about your habits, hobbies, interests, and building a relationship to interpret your aesthetic. The Painted View is available to uncover your ideal, provide solutions and execute.

Space planning has to function efficiently and reflect the way you live. Our initial consultation is where we review the innate architectural features, any challenges and discuss your ultimate goals. This is a vital conversation defining the scope of work and how to best serve your needs. Make no mistake, it is personal. How you use or are planning to use the living space you have or are constructing? Do you have special physical or vocational needs? How open are you to change? Is art, music, sports or literature a big part of your home? There are many aspects to space planning and it is a service unto itself. For a more in depth conversation regarding effecting factors see space planning.

Color consultation is a huge component to your design and also explored at the onset. It shows up everywhere from wall color, to rugs, furniture, art, and window treatments. People are looking for different outcomes with a design that speaks to them on an individual level and color or the lack of it plays a leading role in setting a tone. What are your likes, dislikes, favorite colors, least favorite colors? Are neutrals your thing or is it contrast or loads of colors? Anything and everything that gives an insight as to things that appeal to you is another clue to interpreting your style. What kind of mood or physical response to you want to experience? Do you envision a cozy warm vibe, a spa-like atmosphere, a sleek polished look, a highly stimulating environment or an eclectic combination? Do you want to feel soothed, retreat from the outside world or bring the party in surrounding yourself with friends? Maybe all of the above at different times? Are we emphasizing a particular architectural feature or camouflaging it? With an entire science behind it, color preforms a myriad of it tasks and establishes your pallet. If your interested in the science behind colors see color consultation.

Budget development is the costs of goods and services necessary to accomplish your goals. Forming a realistic budget and knowing what can be accomplished manages expectations. Transparency and trust ensures a smooth transition. Routinely clients say ,"I don't know what it costs". In all likelihood you will not but you probably have an idea if you are going to spend $20,000 or $200,000 or $2,000,000. This is a great guide as to what extent and caliber of furnishings we are using. Let's be frank, design and construction modification is not cheap. Everyone wants to maximize their purchasing power, getting the biggest bang for your buck. For that reason The Painted View has opened up wholesale accounts with manufacturers to provide our clientele with exclusive discounts. Our wholesale lines include lighting, furniture, rugs, fabrics, wall coverings, art and accessories.

In addition to procuring furnishings through wholesalers and retailers with our trade only programs, The Painted View has artisans and workrooms to custom make furnishings including lighting, furniture, rugs, art and accessories. Whether you are interested in taking advantage of our designer's discount or looking for an original piece, you have reliable resources here. We travel to trade shows and shop select manufacturers to deliver you unique goods with outstanding quality at superior pricing. Keeping abreast of the growing and diverse industry affords you the luxury of relevant design at a great value. A small sample list is available under furnishings heading.

Scheduling, timelines and construction deadlines are unique challenges requiring an understanding of workrooms, trades , city and HOA regulations as well as shipping. Our team organizes materials and professionals to expedite your transformation seamlessly. Customer service is our highest priority. With an experienced eye to quality control, The Painted View manages the select professionals in your home for your comfort and convenience. Working with your preferred trades or ours we collaborate to deliver superior results.

Integrating the various design elements especially for you, is our pleasure. Ensuring your home is beautiful and compliments the way you live, is our passion. You deserve it. Escape to home and paint your view. Call or email us at 954-599-7937,