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Isn't it better to buy a furniture set ?

No NEVER! All furniture should be curated individually to blend in a harmonious setting.

What is the correct size foyer chandelier ?

You need at least 36" of available space for a chandelier. As a benchmark formula convert the wall lengths from feet to inches and add them together. Example is 11' x 13' area is 11+13 = 24" would be the minimum size chandelier.

What is it that makes a room look elevated?

The devil is in the details and it is accessorizing. Your furniture should be laid out with a functional space plan but the tchotchkes are the things that tells your story and what elevates your home.

What size rug should I buy for my living room?

Go big or go home! Living room rugs should on the larger side 9x12,10x14,12x15. We recommend the front two legs of the sofa be on the rug. In open floor plans the rug will unify and anchor your furniture group.

How high do I hang my art?

How high depends on your ceiling height but as a GENERAL RULE the midpoint of your piece should be around 60 inches off the floor close to eye level. Center your images above the furniture and hang them 6"- 9"up from your sofa, desk, sideboard or bed headboard. WARNING: do not put art on every wall.