Simple and Charming Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Simple and Charming Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Entertaining People at Thanksgiving Takes Work

Let's face it people entertaining takes work. Thanksgiving is a big deal and for this holiday all the action is literally around the table. With the heavy lifting being done in the kitchen, a quick and attractive table is a practical way to enhance the festivities. Keeping it simple and charming doesn't mean you skimp on style. For the turkey that is cooking the turkey here are some easy, inexpensive and beautiful ideas that carry spectacular visual impact. Fresh flowers are most commonly used to make a table appeal lively and inviting but they can be expensive and there are many other options available.


Wide ribbons wrapped around bunches of dried grasses set on a grosgrain table cloth inspire thoughts of a fall harvest and it's blessings. Very dramatic and elegant, clearly illustrating less is more. It is easy to modify this design if your hosting buffet style, simply repeat the center element or lay dried grass, wheat & ribbons along the length of the table on either side. Wrap your flatware in your linens, tie with a little raffia and stack them on a silver tray or in a low basket for service.  A real crowd pleasing design everyone will enjoy, is to put out a collection of coordintaed framed photographs and candles. Place them in the center of the table(s) scatter around  some pinecones, leaves and fruits. Your guests will love it especially if they are in any of the photos. This works so wonderfully for buffet or sit down and converts very well into contemporary style using more modern frames with white or silver spray painted pumpkins and green artichokes.


Pears, apples, gords, squash and foliage can all be used to create an original and alluring table. This is truely an american holiday that we all embrace. No matter what your personal style and/or budget there is something for eveyone. Think ontside the box and have some fun. Also consider how reworking unconventional materals can translate into Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years or any other celebration. Suggestions for these holidays can include childre's toys, like painted wood blocks, dolls, or teaddy bears. Use small gift wrapped boxes, seashells, tree ornaments or any number of items you have on hand to personalize your table and enhance the holiday atmosphere. In a few minutes you can create an inexpensive and beautiful custom table design that looks like a pro did it.


You have made a fabulous meal, showcase it properly. It makes such a tremendous difference when you dress your table using nice dishes and cloth linens. What are you saving them for anyway?! Nothing says special event bettter than using the good stuff.  Although the clean up is a bit more of a hassle people will appreciate and remember.  Your group can show their gratitude when you enlist their help for clean up!

Good for you if you have a single patterned plate service to provide for each guest but if not, there are ways to stretch what you do have, can borrow or rent. Supplement the plates by mixing in an additional pattern of similar or complimentary color(s) and alternate the patterns. If you discover you are just two settings shy of your head count use a different pattern for the host and hostess only. These two compimentary place settings look terrific especially at a sit down event and the host's patterns are slightly more ornate. This logic holds for linens and flatware too.Plainer linens go well with an elaborate pattern or a simple plate and recycle well for other gatherings. You can dress up the latter with acorns and ribbons or beads.

You are putting a great deal of time and energy into your meal. You can see it isn't necessary to do the same in order to make a stunning table design. But if you still want or need help.....

We at The Painted View are available for Professional Holiday & Party Decoration. Please contact us immediately space is limited for this holiday season. Have a beautiful & Happy Thanksgiving!

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