Really Living Outdoors

Really Living Outdoors

Winter in South Florida is the best time to be outside.

Low humidity, fresh air and clear skies sets a fabulous back drop for an open room. "Alfresco", whether you are just hanging out or entertaining, utilizing these spaces are fun and add value to your home. Courtyard, patio, deck, balcony and dock are ideal spots to chill-ax in your style.

Landscaping is an inexpensive bang for your buck. While a house needs curb appeal, the other areas can be your playgrounds. If you are not a gardener, keep it low maintenance . There are huge varieties of greens that require little to no water or attention. Outdoor furniture and decor can also be simple, good looking and comfortable.Iglu-Daybed-BMNP1
Seating groups, sectionals, lounges, and dining sets vary in shape, size and color to facilitate your personal style and function. There is a wide variety of quality grades in ready made or custom fabric & fills for pillows and cushions. Ask your designer for help.
Your green space can be anywhere, all condos welcome!

With larger green areas, vignettes create intimacy. Smaller spaces are often overlooked but they have the potential of opening up your interior by visually expanding a room. On the side or in the back, little areas also make spectacular sunny or shady enclosures.
Family dinners or with friends in the afternoon or under the stars is simply and beautiful.

These open air spaces donʼt require a work but are transportive. Turn around time is minimal and the rewards are great. The possibilities for your private oasis are right outside your door. The sooner you get started the sooner you can share and enjoy.
The Painted View has wholesale accounts with an outstanding local nurseries and has experience designing land and waterscapes. With several wholesale lines of outdoor/ indoor furniture & accessories, call for a consult to design your "Painted View".

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