Designs That Inspire You to Cook

Designs That Inspire You to Cook

Legacy Linens has Yummy Colors and New Patterns

Legacy Linens* as well as many other bedding/ drapery manufacturers have yummy colors and new patterns debuting at Fall 2013 Furniture Market in NC. This particular bedding set reminds me of raspberry & orange sorbet. It got me to thinking that designing is an art much like food and cooking. An appetizer is a single task or space and an entire meal is a home or business. Lighter fare and snacks served for the budget conscience and several courses for those with a larger appetites or projects. The chef and her/his staff: sous chef, waiters, hostess, busboys, suppliers are the designer's: manufacturers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters tilers, and wallpaper hangers. All working together to make you happy. You may wish to be soothed, inspired or excited by what is being created, but what is paramount is that you are delighted by the results. 

Thankfully there is endless diversity in food and in design genres. For each professional it is crucial that we know exactly for whom we are creating. Serving sushi in an italian restaurant is not serving your customer. The same must be said in designing. It is crucial to know your clients lifestyle, needs and goals. What you don't like may say as much about you as what it is you do like. Individuals have preferences for a variety of flavors: salty, savory, sweet or spicy and in an infinite number of combinations. These preferences are in many ways your pallet. That is to say, your colors, textures, finishes and needs yield your personal flavor or style. In design, a winning fusion of your unique ingredients frame an intensely satisfying environment to enjoy. This is hugely gratifying to your designer and/or chef because the only way for either profession to exist is to share talents.

To ensure success, a good chef will know what is fresh in the market, the best pricing, and what items will stimulate the pallet of her/his cliental. She/he knows the steps necessary for preparation and execution of an fabulous dish or a meal. The parallel is drawn for an excellent designer in that she/he must know what is relative to your lifestyle, what is trending, how to keep things fresh , to get the best pricing and the biggest bank for your buck. The acute understanding of how different elements interact in contrast and in concert to one another builds balance and harmony to the eye or the tongue. Substance, consistency and attention to detail define true artistry.

So review the menu selections, discuss your appetite/options, place your oder and trust your professional to serve you well. The tip is in your recommendations and re-patronage. The ultimate goals is to bring pleasure to the senses. It is extraordinarily rewarding to see the expression of contentment on a face entering a well designed room or enjoying a tasty morsel. It is interesting that people will describe an individual with a sense of style they admire as a person who has good taste.....

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